LIFELINE OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH-Are pleased to announce we are now rebranding due to plethora of companies with 'Lifeline' in the title. As from 1st November 2011, we will become forever known as OH3 Ltd.

The name has been chosen from a long list, intended to embody the unique relationship that is the work health consultation. In this supportive framework, three people are working together to ensure the worker's optimum health at work. The employee, the manager and the OH3 professional. We will continue to offer the same high quality occupational health provision we have always done, and more, aiming to increase the type of health and counselling services to our valued customers, established and new.

We continue to promote that every organisation's greatest assets are its people and if they are happy, healthy and committed to success, the organisation thrives.

At OH3, our high quality healthcare enables us to build mutual trust and an effective partnership between employee and employer. The organisation flourishes and the employees enjoy coming to work and giving their best. With straightforward explanations and advice to employees and their managers, everyone in the team wins, stress is kept at productive levels and organisational and individual goals and targets are achieved.