LIFELINE OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH-Are pleased to announce we are now rebranding due to plethora of companies with 'Lifeline' in the title. As from 1st November 2011, we will become forever known as OH3 Ltd.

Executive Medicals

Here at OH3 Ltd Occupational Health we offer a comprehensive executive medicals programme designed to provide a detailed health assessment - giving you an accurate picture of your condition and lifestyle. Regular medicals help to keep you fully informed over your physical health, and allow early detection of potential risks or problems.

Our executive medicals include a wide range of tests, including;

  • pulse
  • BP
  • cholesterol
  • full physical examination
  • hearing
  • lung function
  • blood tests (including liver)

If necessary, additional tests can be carried out, such as;

  • prostate blood test
  • ECG
  • Harvard Fitness test
  • X-rays

Executive medicals can perform a key role in keeping your workforce happy, healthy and working to its full potential. Detecting an illness in its early stages can greatly improve the chances of effective and successful treatment, and also help avoid the need to take a significant length of time off work.