LIFELINE OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH-Are pleased to announce we are now rebranding due to plethora of companies with 'Lifeline' in the title. As from 1st November 2011, we will become forever known as OH3 Ltd.


OH3 Ltd, established in November 2011 was formerly known as Lifeline Occupational Health, which was established in 1996 as a partnership by Dr Mike O'Reilly, MBChB,MRCGP, AdvDOM and Helen Woodcock, RGN. The ownership of the company has not changed, only the name and the limited status. In the past ten years we have grown rapidly, delivering high quality occupational health services to virtually every sector of business and commerce from the very small, (less than 100 employees) to the very large such as councils with over 15,000 employees. Our Head Office is in Newcastle upon Tyne but we manage occupational health contracts all around the country, where ever our clients are based. Dr Mike O'Reilly is a full-time occupational physician looking after a number of our clients personally and is always available to speak to by telephone about individual cases or to deal with by email or other methods if you prefer. His main role is as Clinical Director which oversees all the client contracts and their occupational health requirements, and also to provide advice and guidance when required to our able team of Occupational Physicians, GP's and Occupational Heath Nurse advisors (7 sessional doctors and at any one time between 5 and 8 part-time or full-time occupational health nurse advisors).

Though expanding rapidly, our consultancy is determined to continue with the personal approach which has been so welcomed by our clients to date. We are committed to the success of your organisation if you become our client, and committed to the health of your workforce.