LIFELINE OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH-Are pleased to announce we are now rebranding due to plethora of companies with 'Lifeline' in the title. As from 1st November 2011, we will become forever known as OH3 Ltd.

OH3 Ltd offers a wide range of health services to all organisations, from the small employer with less than 10 employees, to SMEs with 100-400 people through to councils with 15,000 plus employees.

These include;

Health surveillance such as audiometry programs or spirometry for respiratory sensitisers and irritants

Case management - for people who are off sick and need support and advice throughout the advice

Absence assessments - to provide reports to managers

Telephone assessments - these allow more rapid assessment , and cover virtually the same level of detail more cost effectively

Training services - a wide range of health training for managers including stress management, absence management and workstation assessment

Recruitment - Companies looking for OH staff can contact us to organise their medical staffing